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We understand that your home, whether you own it or rent it, is where your heart is and protecting what’s inside is important to you and your family. Everything in your home can be covered by home contents insurance, furniture, audio visual equipment, computers and laptops, jewellery, even clothing. It’s different to Building Insurance which just covers the structure of your home.
If you’re renting your home, Contents Insurance cover is also right for you.

What does contents insurance cover?

You might be surprised just how much your home contents policy can cover. Your personal belongings can be protected against theft and damage, including fire, flooding and other unusual causes like falling trees or lightning. Policies may also cover locksmith fees and theft of cash.

Depending on your policy, cost for alternative accommodation is covered if you have to move out of your home temporarily due to damage.

Content insurance typically asks you to determine the value of your belongings in order to price your policy. Policies tend to fall into two categories. New for Old insurance, will pay you the full cost of your possessions at their original price or replace them, regardless of how old they were when damaged or stolen. Indemnity cover will pay you the amount that your possessions are worth at the current state and age, meaning you may receive a percentage of their original worth.

Optional Extras

There are a number of optional extras that you might want to consider and we can help ensure you have the ones you need.

Accidental Damage Cover
Accidental Damage covers unintentional damage to the building or its contents for example putting your foot through the ceiling while in the attic above, or a child knocking over a TV.

Personal Belongings Cover
This is also known as specified items cover and is cover that allows you to insure your possessions when you take them out of your home or on holiday e.g. your jewellery, phone, or camera.

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