Windscreen Cover

Windscreen Cover is typically a standard benefit with comprehensive car insurance cover. It also comes as standard with some insurer third party policies.

This benefit covers the cost of having glass in your car replaced or repaired due to accidental damage and includes replacing or repairing broken or damaged windscreens and windows of your car.

Typically windscreen cover excludes damage to a sunroof but may include scratching of bodywork resulting solely and directly from the glass breakage.

How to make a windscreen cover claim

If you have windscreen cover and want to make a claim, you should call us at 0818 800 222 or 091 894426   to register your windscreen cover claim before any repair/replacement work is carried out.

Typically cover for the replacement or repair of your windscreen has no limit if you use your insurers approved repairers. However, if you use your own repairer, cover may be limited to a set amount.

Contact numbers for windscreen repairs can be found in Emergency Assistance section on website:

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