Car Insurance for Women

If you’re searching for car insurance for women you have come to the right place.

Since 2012, European Commission rules on gender discrimination were put in place stopping insurers from taking gender into account when calculating insurance premiums. But that doesn’t stop us finding the best quote for you from the leading insurers.

Cheap car insurance for women

Female drivers account for almost half of Acorn Insurance’s valued customers. We know what’s important to women drivers and we’ll work hard to find the right benefits and cover for you.

Traditionally, female drivers were rewarded for their safe driving, with lower cost premiums. But just because we can’t take a person’s gender into consideration when finding the best value car insurance quotes, doesn’t mean we can’t get the best quote available for safe drivers.

At Acorn Insurance, we search the leading car insurers, then help you compare their costs and benefits to find the best car insurance for your needs, at the best price.

  • Finding the perfect car insurance quote for you starts with a quick phone call with a real person so we can fully understand what type of car insurance you need. Then we put our expertise to work and take care of everything.
  • Acorn Insurance will help you ask the right questions around car insurance benefits such as accidental damage, fire, theft, most suitable excess, breakdown cover, etc. We know that car insurance benefits can be confusing but we are here to explain them.
  • When you choose Acorn for your car insurance, you’re in control, always. At Acorn, we pride ourselves on finding the best car insurance quotes for our customers. We strive to give you choice then it’s over to you.

Choose the car insurance cover that’s right for you

We all drive different cars, to and from different places, that’s why all our car insurance needs are different. Finding the best quote for you is about balancing the cost of insurance cover offered with what you really need.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Car Insurance for Women
    Comprehensive car insurance cover covers you if your car is accidentally damaged, stolen or damaged by fire. Vandalism, windscreen repair or replacement cover is also available depending on the car insurance policy you choose.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

    Car Insurance for Women
    Third Party Insurance is a more basic level of cover and can cost less than a comprehensive policy. It suits those who drive relatively inexpensive vehicles, as the cost to replace is likely to be negligible when compared to repair bills.
  • No Claims Bonus

    Car Insurance for Women
    A no claims bonus, sometimes called a no claims discount, is a reduction in your car insurance premium cost based on the number of consecutive years that you have been previously insured without you claiming or someone making a claim against you.
  • Driving Other Cars

    Car Insurance for Women
    Driving Other Cars is a standard inclusion under many of our underwriters’ car insurance policies and allows the policy holder to drive cars that are not owned by them or hired to them, providing they have permission of the vehicle owner to use the vehicle.
  • Open Driving

    Car Insurance for Women
    Open driving on your car insurance (driving other cars) typically covers any driver aged 25-70 with a full Irish, UK or EU licence while driving your car with your permission.
  • Breakdown Cover

    Car Insurance for Women
    It’s the one thing that always happens when it’s the last thing you need.
  • Windscreen Cover

    Car Insurance for Women
    Windscreen Cover is typically a standard benefit with comprehensive car insurance cover. It also comes as standard with some insurer third party policies.
  • Electric Car Insurance

    Car Insurance for Women
    It’s about rewarding progressive drivers with insurance to match. Whether you already have an electric car or are thinking about making the switch, talk to us to find the best electric car insurance options for you.
  • Compare Car Insurance

    Car Insurance for Women
    Good value car insurance is about more than the price of your cover. It’s about reliable customer service and getting the cover options you need most. We compare the leading car insurers to find that for you.

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