5 Ways to Reduce your Cost of Driving

5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Driving

Driving is a necessary aspect of life for many people in Ireland especially in rural areas where public transport isn’t as accessible. Driving is one of the main expenses when it comes to Irish households, with the high costs of diesel and petrol, maintenance costs of cars, tax and costs of insurance. Here at Acorn we have 5 ways for you to reduce your cost of driving.

1. Shop Around For Your Petrol Or Diesel

Shop Around For Your Petrol Or Diesel

Fuel for your car can vary in prices from station to station. With talks that fuel prices can rise again in the coming months a full tank of petrol or diesel could increase by more than €10, making it more important to shop around for stations with lower petrol or diesel prices to help reduce your running costs.

Some petrol stations can vary from 10c to 20c from the more expensive petrol stations, allowing you to save several euros at a time!

Typically on popular routes fuel prices are more expensive than those on rural routes, so it may be in your best interest to go a few minutes out of the way to save money when filling your tank.

2. Drive at Lower Speeds

Drive at Lower Speeds

The speed that you drive can affect the fuel consumption of your car, especially over long journeys. Once you drive your car over 80 km an hour it begins to really affect your fuel efficiency with wind resistance. Fuel consumption goes up by nearly 50% when driving at 100km compared to 80km

Professor Turlough Downes said in March 2022 that driving at 100 km on a motorway over a 10km distance would cost about €1.20, whereas driving the same distance at 120 km the price would  increase to €1.73 while only saving 1 minute of travel time.

So by driving at lower speeds even on roads that have speed limits of 100km or 120km, you can significantly reduce the amount of petrol or diesel your car is burning. You could also switch to an electric car which has lower running costs than petrol or diesel cars.

Air conditioning can also affect a car’s fuel consumption. When driving at lower speeds it may be a good idea to open the windows instead, whereas you may be better off with the air conditioning on at a higher speed, since open windows would increase the air resistance of the car.

3. Plan Your Trips

Plan Your Trips

Planning your trips can also help you save money on your fuel costs. When planning trips, you should try to include several errands into the one trip. This can save you time and money by reducing the amount of separate journeys you make in a day.

Also, planning to avoid rush hour traffic can help you lower the fuel consumption of your car by avoiding sitting in traffic. If trips are planned ahead of time, you can avoid driving on roads with bad surfaces or roads with a lot of bends which can increase your fuel consumption and possibly damage your car.

4. Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Keep Your Car Well Maintained

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of driving is to properly maintain your car. By taking care of your car properly you can avoid costly breakdowns and extend the life of your car. 

You can significantly reduce the chances of your car breaking down or being in an accident by; 

  • Regularly checking your tyre pressure,
  • Regularly changing your oil,
  • Checking your headlights are working and,
  • Making sure your windscreen isn’t impairing your vision

Also, keeping up with regular maintenance can help improve your car’s fuel efficiency and lower your fuel consumption. New cars tend to need less maintenance, only having to get a NCT after 4 years and then every 2 years until the car is 10 years old, with a NCT annually afterwards. The age of your car is a thing to keep in mind when it comes to its maintenance.

5. Compare Insurance Prices

Compare Insurance Prices

Finally, you can reduce your cost of driving by lowering your insurance costs. Car insurance is one of the biggest costs of driving for families and young drivers.

The prices of insurance can vary greatly, so it is important to get insurance prices compared. Here at Acorn Insurance we’re here to compare and find the best priced Car Insurance Policy for you.

Acorn Insurance will help you save money on your car insurance, letting you keep more money in your pocket while being protected on the road.

By following these 5 tips you can help yourself reduce the cost of driving your car. Whether that is reducing your fuel consumption, keeping your car well maintained or by getting cheaper insurance with Acorn Insurance! Give us a call at 0818 800222 or Request a Callback to speak to one of our team on getting the best valued Car Insurance for you!

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